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The Communal Eats Experience

Communal eats is the newest food truck in the GTA! Yah!!! specializing in West Indian & Canadian multi-cultural cuisine. The name Communal Eats was chosen to represent what our country reflects with diverse cultures, different communities and cultures coming together in shared spaces to have fun and enjoy something that unites everyone....Food! where you gather with friends to share in good conversation over exceptional food. We design and curate personalized menus to tantalizing you and your guest taste buds, with different miniture or regular food options for your late night food experience to take your taste buds on a trip around the world.

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Our Offerings

Tailored Experience for Any Occasion!


We will sit together and create a menu personalized to your event needs.

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Wedding Events

As an experienced wedding planner and events designers I know planning your wedding day is one of the most detailed oriented processes! Your wedding day is to be enjoyed, relax and worry free, at times it can seem overwhelming due to the many decisions one has to make. From guest lists, venues, flowers, wedding catering and more, the list goes on and on. At Communal Eats Food Truck we give you one less thing to worry about by offering full-service catering or a memorable Late Night snack your guests will never forget!


We come with experience, resources and efficiency to handle weddings of any size or type of wedding, be it a back yard soiree, barn style wedding or your grand and elegant affair whether you have 30 guests or over 500 guests we are here and ready to offer you great service with a smile. We offer our food truck menu in minis options to accommodate your guests and your late night budget needs.

You can talk to us about different catering options and services! We are here for you. 



Bored with the idea of having a typical late night buffet/dessert/snack bar? So are we! Having food truck is perfect touch to replace your late night buffet into a Hot fresh food or cold dessert ordered straight from the truck, that will please your guest. Why not give your guest the experience of gathering around the truck, anticipating the opening of the window and with everyone in a great mood hanging out and chatting, it adds a new atmosphere and speaks on community which fits perfectly within our name to represents the coming together on your special day to celebrate you!


As a wedding planner or you as our clients we can arrange a meeting with the planner on site ahead of time to have an agreement with the venue that our food truck will and can arrive around 9 pm to set up. On arrival, we call to let your wedding planner/contact. Once 10-11 pm comes around we open the window to serve your guest.


Don’t worry, the reason why we come ahead of time is because we don’t want your guest to be turned off by a huge line. We pride ourselves on quick turn around times and lots of smiles. You can expect the line to move very quickly when you hire our food truck for your late night catering needs. 


Once the two hour service window is complete, we just close the window, take the trash and drive away. Late night snack catering has never been easier!

Corporate Events - Staff Appreciation - Office Parties

We got you! When ordering for corporate clients, staff appreciation for your company or office parties let us help you. You know the saying "Charity begins at home and ends abroad". We take great pride in treating our staff well! So let us help you by representing your brand well, by making sure everyone enjoys the meals served is key, so they know how much you care just as we care! We have a curated menu that you can choose from to please the needs of your staff and or clients. Working with the best food truck in Toronto certainly helps. You’ll avoid the fuss of having someone set up/ tear down, and the cleaning that comes with doing it yourself! we just roll up 90 minutes prior to service to serve your guests with a warm smile.


Looking for Toronto’s one-of-a-kind food truck? Look no further!! We are here to help to ensure your Holiday Celebration, Staff party, Fundraising Dinner, or Staff party run smoothly and to be the talk of the town, by offering a delicious menu with exceptional service with a smile. Whether you want to treat your staff to a special meal or simply celebrate an achievement, we have experience in preparing events for any corporate or event setting. 


Please Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your budget and catering needs beforehand. Whatever the theme or style of your event or celebration we are here to collaborate with you, share any ideas you might have with us, so we can both make your event a success!


We want to help you need to be creative with your event catering so you truly make it a party or function to be remembered.

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Birthday Party - Event Celebration

Here at Communal Eats we love celebrating birthdays! Each Birthday is a milestones worth celebrating in style. Why not Save yourself the hassle and help us help you, make this day memorable for you or your loved one. Let us sit and customize a menu options suitable for any age, that will wow your guests and the celebrant.   Call us for a quote today.

We designed our food truck with you in mind!

Choosing grey as our signature color while blending in mixed metallics gives our food truck the edge over others for a clean and classy look to suit any celebration. It also gives our clients the freedom to incorporate their style and color to coordinate with the theme of their wedding or special event. 













$3.00 per kilometer outside the GTA

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Food Truck Tip

A small menu makes each item feel more specialized.

Adding protein variations to selected menu items will increase cook and

wait times.


Book our truck for you upcoming wedding special event, staff appreciation and corporate event. 

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About the Owner

Hello my name is Denise Andrews. I am the owner and founder of Communal Eats. 


Previously, I ran my own catering company for private weddings and event celebrations profoundly in Canadian cuisine. My work experience and love for food has been established at, Rosehill supermarket in the heart of Rosedale and the Westin Harbor Castle hotel where I had the pleasure of cooking amongst some great chefs for celebrities such as Wycleft, Shakira, John Travolta, Alicia Keys and Bill Clinton for their Clinton Giustra sustainable growth initiative in 2008. I also had the opportunity to cook for Trinidad and Tobago superstar Machel Montano. I then, further my career by becoming a chef for a private school in Oakville. 

My team and I would love to be a service for your guests and provide our skill set in in whatever way we can. We can provide you with set menus available from my truck or personalized menus to fit within your needs, while meeting a budget.

 I would love to sit and discuss with you the areas we can be of service to benefit you. We are willing and able to provide full turn around food service.

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Our Team
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